Main Event Day 2: Cracking Aces Is Fun

$1,500 + $150 Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Poker Open” Main Event

Blinds 3K/6K Antes 1K

We caught up on the action with the board reading KhTs8c3hTc and a red all in button in front of Michael Mizrachi. Mizrachi’s opponent, Marcus Harris, only had 200K behind and was easily covered by Michael. “I told myself if you went all in you had nothing and that if you made a bit bet you had something,” said Harris as he contemplated his tournament life.

Grinder tells him “I tell you what, I’ll give you a picture.”

This seems to convince Marcus to call and he pushes his chips out on top of his cards. Mizrachi flips over AhTh for rivered trips. Harris meekly turns over his hand… Aces. Someone jokes that he can get that picture and he says with a small smile on his face “I don’t want no f***ing picture.” He sits there, not wanting to get up, staring at the payout card in front of him telling him that he finished in 24th place. “I should have went all in preflop,” he says, looking to the table for affirmation.

There are now 20 players left. Among the recently eliminated are Chino Rheem and Michael Beasley.