Main Event Final Table: 7th place, John Pizano $24,295

$1,500 + $150 Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Poker Open” Main Event

Blinds: 20k/40k/5k ante

Tyler Stafman was still stacking his chips from the double when a three-way pot began to develop. Yuan Yangshen opened to 80k from early position before Stafman called from the button and John Pizano from the big blind.

Pizano shoved his last 555k on the Kh9c8c flop and Yangshen responded with an all-in behind. Stafman didn’t look happy as he open-mucked an open ended straight draw. Yangshen was ahead in the hand with KdQh against Pizano’s KcJs.

No miracles on the 6s turn or 3d river and John Pizano was eliminated in 7th place for $24,295 while Yangshen moved over 3,000,000.

John Pizano, 7th place
John Pizano, 7th place