Main Event Final Table: Pizano Doubles

$1,500 + $150 Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Poker Open” Main Event

Blinds: 12k/24k/4k ante

John Pizano lost more than his starting day chipstack and open-shoved for his final 531k. There were no takers until Javier Prado called on the button with AdKc and flipping up against Prado’s ThTs.

Pizano avoided the two overs on the 6s5h3c flop, the Jd turn, and Jh river to double up while Prado was left with just over 150k.

Those chips went in the middle two hands later and Prado was called by Darryll Fish and Tyler Stafman in the blinds. Fish and Stafman checked down the dry sidepot as the board ran out 8c8s3dAd2s. Prado’s AhTd was better than Stafman’s Ac9d for more than a triple-up.