Main Event: Find the Felt? Bonus High Hands Underway 6pm-Midnight

Fun in the Sun Main Event | Structure
$560 No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 5: 150/300 with a 50
Entries: 87

Registration and re-entry in the Fun in the Sun Main Event is available until about 4:25pm. Until that time, anyone that goes bust can simply head back to the registration desk and get back in the game for another $560. After that time, though, the re-entry period is closed and the field will be final.

Those who find the felt post-4:25pm have another option to scratch the poker itch at the cash tables. Bonus High Hands up to $1,000 kick in at 6pm and are paid every 30 minutes with rollover until midnight.

If tonight’s not the night, tomorrow marks another installment with a little longer window for payouts when they begin at noon and go straight through until a special $2,018 payout at midnight.