Monster Stack: Carlos Loving Hits Big Late; Bags Leads

$365 Monster Stack NLH (Single Re-Entry)
Level 21: 5,000/10,000 with a 1,000 ante | Payouts
Players Remaining:  22 of 430

Sheddy Siddiqui (left) and Carlos Loving (right) wait for David Prociak

As the clock was ticking down to the end of the day, Carlos Loving went from a big stack to the top stack in one hand.

It began when Sheddy Siddiqui moved all in for ~120,000 and Loving moved all in next to act for 640,000. Not to be left out, fellow top stack David Prociak moved all in as well with a similar count to Loving for the huge, three-way pot.

Sheddy: AsJd
Loving: KcKh
Prociak: JsJh

Loving dominated both players and sat back, relaxed as the dealer ran out the 8s7s7h9h6h board. The hand sent Siddiqui out in 26th place and they counted down the other two stacks. Loving had Prociak out-chipped by 20,000 to boost Loving into the lead while Prociak cashed in 25th place.

Two hands later, Monster Stack Day 1 was complete with 22 players remaining and they will return tomorrow at 1pm to play it out.

Loving bagged up 1,228,000 and will return with a nice lead followed by Jeffrey Dickman, Michael Ortiz, George Boyadjian, and Shawn Clark.

Full counts and seat assignments will be published when they are available.

Top five returning stacks:

  1. Carlos Loving – 1,228,000 (102 bb)
  2. Jeffrey Dickman – 1,083,000 (90 bb)
  3. Michael Ortiz – 748,000 (62 bb)
  4. Georges Boyadjian – 618,000 (52 bb)
  5. Shawn Clark – 507,000 (42 bb)