PLO High Roller: Ren Lin Wins! ($266,700); Dylan Smith Finishes Runner-Up ($166,800)

$25,500 PLO High Roller (Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 14:  15,000/30,000 with a 30,000 ante
Players Remaining:  1 of 27

Ren Lin
Ren Lin

Ren Lin limped for 30,000 on the button, Dylan Smith raised to 90,000 from the big blind, and Lin called.

The flop was 9d4h2d, Smith continued for 210,000, Lin asked how much Smith had behind (580,000) and then raised the pot. Smith called all in for 790,000.

Lin:  JdTh4c3d
Smith;  AdKhQs9s

Smith was ahead with a pair of nines against Lin’s pair of fours, but Lin was about a 3:2 favorite with his hand.

The 8c turn kept Smith ahead, although Lin was still a slight favorite having added an open-ended straight draw to his flush draw and two-pair outs.

The river was the 7s, giving Lin a jack-high straight to eliminate Smith and win the PLO High Roller outright for $266,700.

Smith finished runner-up for $166,800.

A recap of the event will be posted later tonight.

Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith