Rosario Simone Achieves His Thanksgiving Goal of Winning His Way Into the Championship

2021 Seminole Hard Rock ‘N’ Roll Poker Open
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, Florida
Event 16
$150 Holiday Triple Stack NLH (Re-Entry)
$10,000 Guaranteed
Entries:  259
Prize Pool:  $31,080
November 25, 2021

Rosario Simone
Event 16 Champion Rosario Simone

“My Thanksgiving was very good.”

Event 16 ($150 Holiday Triple Stack) began on Thanksgiving evening at 6:00 pm, and attracted a field of 259 entries to more than triple the guarantee with a prizepool worth $31,080.

Less than eight hours later, Rosario Simone had a massive chip lead when the final six players agreed to a chop, which meant Simone won the title, the trophy, and the bonus $3,500 seat into the WPT Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open Championship, which begins tomorrow.

“It was a great turnout, and I ran very well,” said Simone. “I had a lot of tough competition, with a lot of great players here in Florida. But I ran well, and I got lucky.”

A final table deal seemed unlikely with the $3,500 seat being added on top of the prizepool, but when Simone built up a massive chip lead with six players left (he had more than 42% of all the chips), the other players were more eager to deal than Simone.

“I never had plans to split anything,” said Simone, “but since I got the seat, and a little bit of money from the tournament, it was just fine with me.”

Now that he’s earned his way into the Championship, Simone has his eyes on an even bigger prize.

“I set a goal early this morning, and I achieved it,” said Simone. “My next goal is to win the WPT main event. Or at least make the final table.”

Final Results:

1stRosario Simone$3,221*
2ndAnil Butisingh$3,221*
3rdManny Minaya$3,221*
4thLouie Perri$3,221*
5thWillie Wiggins$3,221*
6thNicolas Majdalani$3,220*
7thMax Digilov$1,040
8thRafael Fernandez$870
9thTamra Piderit$720
10thLouis Raton$720
11thStephen Caplan$610
12thFederico Herrera$610
13thIgal Azani$525
14thBhakeerathan Naahanathan$525
15thDavid Mochon Sued$525
16thDaniel Orgil$440
17thYaniv Yarkony$440
18thPeter Kambolin$440
19thSpyros Malkotsis$355
20thAnwar Mohamed$355
21stBradley Young$355
22ndGuillermo Reyes Cardoso$300
23rdRichard de Vivo$300
24thPierre Adam$300
25thDucarmel Beaubien$275
26thRichard Paradis$275
27thKenny Despuzeau$275
28thAndrew Eastom$250
29thKirby Conserve$250
30thNeil Zonenashvili$250
31stOsmany Saldanas$250
32ndSteve Olivier$250
33rdSamantha Gruber$250

* Indicates results of a six-way deal.