Seniors: Eric Nuss Captures Seniors Ring

2017 Seminole Hard Rock WSOP Circuit
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, Florida
Event 9 – Seniors Event
$250 Seniors 50+ No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Entries: 226
Prize Pool: $45,200
September 28, 2017

While we were concentrating on the big final table in Event 8, the Seniors event quickly played down to its final table until Canadian Eric Nuss was posing for his winner’s photo with the WSOPC Seniors Event ring.

The Seniors Event is always bookmarked by a lot of players over 50  years old, a chance to battle among their older peers with some WSOPC jewelry waiting for the winner in the end. After a fast-paced event, Canada’s Eric Nuss took the crown along with $11,300 and that ring.

The tournament started early, 10am for the early crowd and a very fun 225 entries jumped into the field.  They put more than $45,000 in the prize pool and 24 seniors would walk away with money.

They played down while having a great time with players that included some of our favorite locals happy to have a field of their own.

They made it into the money shortly after the dinner break and those making money included some of our regulars including Al Gomez, O’Neil Maccalla, and former WSOP Ladies Event champ Marsha Wolak. None of them would make the final table but they made some money for their time.

The final table played out at a fast pace and Nuss took over the lead late and never let it go. SHRP regulars Lisa Teebagy and Hany Ayoud dropped off the final table and it Nuss wrapped it up after a quick heads up battled against Chris Casey to earn the title, ring, and $11,300.

Seniors Event final results:

Seniors Event results:
1st: Eric Nuss − $11,300
2nd: Chris Casey − $6,984
3rd: Lawrence Obrien − $5,083
4th: Hany Ayoub − $3,759
5th: John Sanchez − $2,824
6th: Eddie Turner − $2,154
7th: William Brock − $1,668
8th: Lisa Teebagy − $1,311
9th: Robert Transue − $1,045
10th: Gregory Baird − $846
11th: Diana Shirey − $846
12th: Michael Williams − $846
13th: Yvonne Mcquillan − $695
14th: Frank Franze − $695
15th: Michael Larkin − $695
16th: Philip Rigby − $578
17th: Thomas Gari − $578
18th: O’Neil Mccalla − $578
19th: Kevin Boyle − $488
20th: Carlos Sobenes − $488
21st: Marsha Wolak − $488
22nd: Alfonso Perez − $417
23rd: Todd Tango − $417
24th: David Roy − $417