Super High Roller 1: Cary Katz – 3rd Place ($209,520)

$50,000 Super High Roller (Single Re-Entry)
Structure | Payouts
Level 15:  10,000/15,000 with a 15,000 ante
Players Remaining:  2 of 24

Cary Katz
Cary Katz

After a flop of 7h4h3d, Sean Winter made a large bet, Cary Katz moved all in from the button for 395,000, and Winter called with Ad4d for a pair of fours.

Katz turned over KhQh for a heart flush draw with two overcards, and he needed to improve to stay alive.

The turn card paired the board with the 4d, the river card was the Kc, and Winter turned trip fours to win the pot and eliminate Katz in third place.

Cary Katz  –  Eliminated in 3rd Place  ($209,520)

Here are the official chip counts for the start of heads-up play:

Chris Brewer  –  1,690,000  (113 bb)
Sean Winter  –  1,310,000  (87 bb)

And here is the prizepool at stake:

1st:  $512,160 + SHRPO Trophy
2nd:  $302,640

3rd:  Cary Katz  –  $209,520
4th:  Sean Perry  –  $139,680

Action is scheduled to continue tonight until the end of this level, around 12:50 am.