Event 14: Robert Campbell Eliminated in 3rd Place ($2,106)

$300 HORSE
Level 19: 10,000/20,000 Limits, 2,000 Ante, 3,000 bring-in
Players Remaining: 2 of 59

Seven Card Stud

Robert Campbell
Robert Campbell

Robert Campbell: 5h6sJs6h
David Prociak: 7dJc4d7c

Robert Campbell was the bring-in and brought it in for a full 10,000. David Prociak made it two bets and Campbell called.

On fourth, Prociak bet and Campbell called. Prociak kept the betting lead on fifth and bet. Campbell raised. Prociak raised and they got the last of Campbell’s chips into the middle.

Prociak showed KdKc and was in the lead against Campbell’s 4s4h. They both improved to two pair on sixth street, but Prociak’s was bigger.

Campbell needed to fill up on the river, but bricked off. Prociak won the pot with kings and sevens to eliminate Campbell in third place.

Campbell took home $2,106 for his third place finish and Prociak begins heads-up play with a big chip lead over David May.

David Prociak – 470,000
Robert Campbell – Eliminated



Event 14: Peter Cleven Eliminated in 4th Place ($1,505)

$300 HORSE
Level 18: 8,000/16,000 Limits, 2,000 Ante, 3,000 bring-in
Players Remaining: 3 of 59

Omaha Hi-Lo

Peter Cleven
Peter Cleven

Peter Cleven lost a pot to Robert Campbell the previous hand and was left with a single 1,000 denomination chip. Cleven was in the big blind and all in for his 1,000 chip.

Robert Campbell limped in on the button and David Prociak completed the small blind.

The action was checked to the river as the board ran out Qc7s3s8d9d and Prociak checked again. Campbell bet and Prociak folded.

Campbell showed a nine-high straight and a 6-5 low. That was good to scoop the pot and Cleven was eliminated.

Robert Campbell – 170,00
Peter Cleven – Eliminated

Event 14: David Prociak Pulling Away

$300 HORSE
Level 18: 8,000/16,000 Limits, 2,000 Ante, 3,000 bring-in
Players Remaining: 4 of 59

Omaha Hi-Lo

On the turn with the board reading AhQc6hTd, Robert Campbell checked from the big blind and David Prociak bet from under the gun. Campbell called and the river was the Jc.

Campbell checked, Prociak bet, and Campbell called. Prociak quickly turned over KdKhJh7d, good for the nut straight, and Campbell mucked his hand.

Prociak took the pot and has more two-thirds of the chips in play with four players remaining.

David Prociak – 410,000
Robert Campbell – 110,000

Event 14: Robert Campbell Doubles Through Peter Cleven

$300 HORSE
Level 18: 8,000/16,000 Limits, 2,000 Ante, 3,000 bring-in
Players Remaining: 4 of 59

Omaha Hi-Lo

On the turn with board reading Qh3s3hKs, Robert Campbell gets the last of his chips into the middle out of the small blind against Peter Cleven under the gun.

Cleven showed 7d6s3d2h and was drawing dead against Campbell’s KhQdTc3c. Campbell turned a full house and secured his double up. The river was the irrelevant Jd and Campbell took the pot.

Robert Campbell – 95,000
Peter Cleven – 40,000


Event 14: Eric Rivkin Eliminated in 5th Place ($1,204)

$300 HORSE
Level 17: 6,000/12,000 Limits, 1,000 Ante, 2,000 bring-in
Players Remaining: 4 of 59


Robert Campbell raised on the button and David Prociak called out of the small blind. Eric Rivkin defended his big blind. They were three-handed to a flop of Ad6s4s and Prociak checked.

Rivkin bet, Campbell folded, Prociak raised, and Rivkin called, leaving himself with 2,000 behind.

The turn was the 3s and Prociak bets. Rivkin tosses his last 2,000 into the middle and the cards are tabled.

Prociak showed 9s8s, good for a flush, and Rivkin showed Ks4h, giving him a pair of fours and the nut flush draw.

The river was the Jh and Prociak took the pot with his flush. Rivkin was eliminated and took home $1,204 for his fifth place finish.

David Prociak – 360,000
Eric Riuvkin – Eliminated