Michael Bozeman Wins Event 2 of the 2022 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Outright for $11,330

2022 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, Florida
Event 2
$400 Limit Omaha 8 (Single Re-Entry)
$30,000 Guaranteed
Entries:  116
Prize Pool:  $38,860
March 24, 2022

Michael Bozeman
Michael Bozeman

Event 2 of the 2022 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown was a $400 Limit Omaha 8 (Single Re-Entry). A field of 116 entries generated a prize pool of $38,860, easily surpassing the $30,000 guarantee. Taking it down outright was Michael Bozeman, earning $11,330 for his showing.

“I drove in this morning from up near Daytona, about a four-hour drive, and it was too early to check into the hotel, so came straight here and got in during Level 2,” Bozeman told us afterward. “I texted my buddies who I’m sharing the room with that I will be at the hotel at 3 a.m. after I win this thing for $10,000.”

Bozeman had called his shot and he came through, as he wrapped things up at about 2 a.m. for more than $11,000.

“It was one of those tournaments where just everything went well. I didn’t get a ton of hands, even though it probably looked like I was. I won it with aces, but I only had aces three times. Some key bluffs worked, and it’s hard to do that in this game, made some good folds, and yeah, it just went well. Was never in any real danger.”

For Bozeman, this marked his sixth cash at the Seminole Hard Rock and his first final table, having narrowly missed out on final tables at the 2022 Lucky Hearts series in the Omaha 8/Stud 8 event with a 12th-place finish, and also at the 2018 Rock ‘N’ Roll series with a 10th-place showing in a Big O tournament.

PlaceFirst NameLast NamePrize Amount

Event 2: Michael Bozeman Wins! ($11,330); Jake Schwartz Eliminated in 2nd Place ($7,095)

$400 Limit Omaha 8 (Single Re-Entry)
$30,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 26:  50,000/100,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  1 of 116

Michael Bozeman
Event 2 Champion Michael Bozeman

Jake Schwartz raised to 100,000 from the button, Michael Bozeman three-bet to 150,000 from the big blind, Schwartz four-bet to 200,000, Bozeman five-bet and Schwartz called all in for 220,000.

Schwartz:  Qd7h6d3h
Bozeman:  AdAc9c9d

Michael Bozeman Defeats Jake Schwartz
Michael Bozeman (left) Defeats Jake Schwartz (right) to win Event 2.

The board ran out 6cJd4s4c7s. giving Bozeman aces and fours to win the pot and the tournament outright for $11,330.

Jake Schwartz finished runner-up for $7,095.

A recap of the event will be published later tonight.

Jake Schwartz
Runner-Up Jake Schwartz

Event 2: Heads-Up Chip Counts

$400 Limit Omaha 8 (Single Re-Entry)
$30,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 25:  40,000/80,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  2 of 116

Michael Bozeman
Heads-Up Chipleader Michael Bozeman

Michael Bozeman  –  1,040,000  (13 big bets)
Jake Schwartz  –  350,000  (4 big bets)

1st:  $11,330 + Trophy
2nd:  $7,095

3rd:  Tim D’Alessandro  –  $4,235
4th:  Shelly Roth  –  $2,720
5th:  Avery Bloom  –  $2,060
6th:  Joanne Granteed  –  $1,710
7th:  Michael Yehudai  –  $1,475
8th:  Claudangelo Beaudouin  –  $1,300

Jake Schwartz
Jake Schwartz

Event 2: Tim D’Alessandro – 3rd Place ($4,235)

$400 Limit Omaha 8 (Single Re-Entry)
$30,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 25:  40,000/80,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  2 of 116

Tim D’Alessandro
Tim D’Alessandro

Michael Bozeman raised to 80,000 from the button, Tim D’Alessadro called from the small blind and Jake Schwartz three-bet to 120,000 from the big blind. Both Bozeman and D’Alessandro called.

The flop was 10h3cJh and D’Alessandro checked to Schwartz who continued for 40,000. Bozeman called, D’Alessandro check-raised to 80,000, Schwartz reraised to 120,000, Bozeman called and D’Alessandro called all in for about that amount.

The turn was the 2c, Schwartz bet 80,000 and Bozeman called.

“Whoever wins this pot is going to win the tournament,” commented Schwartz about the massive pot, which had 63% of the total chips in play.

The river was the 9c, Schwartz checked and Bozeman bet 40,000.

“I think I have to fold this,” said Schwartz, as he showed AdAc9d5h and folded.

“I missed the world,” said D’Alessandro, as he tabled Ah8h4s3s for a missed nut-flush draw and missed low draw.

Bozeman turned over QhQd8c3h for a queen-high straight, eliminating D’Alessandro in third place.

Tim D’Alessandro  –  Eliminated in 3rd Place  ($4,235)

Event 2: Shelly Roth – 4th Place ($2,720)

$400 Limit Omaha 8 (Single Re-Entry)
$30,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 24:  30,000/60,000 Limits
Players Remaining:  3 of 116

Shelly Roth
Shelly Roth

Shortly after eliminating Avery Bloom in fifth place, Shelly Roth ran a full house into Jake Schwartz’s better full house, leaving Roth with less than one big bet.

The next hand, Schwartz raised under the gun to 60,000 and Roth called all in for about 45,000.

Schwartz:  8d7h5s2s
Roth:  Jc8h6s3h

The board ran out 8s7cAh6d9h, giving Schwartz a nine-high straight along with a seven-six low to scoop the pot and eliminate Roth in fourth place.

Jake Schwartz  –  650,000  (11 big bets)
Shelly Roth  –  Eliminated in 4th Place  ($2,720)