Event 24: Seat Open! Never Mind

$200 Buy-In Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry) $50K Guaranteed
Level 6: 150/300/ 25 ante

Players are just coming back from their 10 minute break. Now at blinds of 150/300/ 25 ante. There are 311 entries so far. This is the last level where people can enter or re-enter the event. Angel Vu was just seen exiting the tournament area after busting out, but has quickly re-entered and sat right back down. That is the beauty of re-entry tournaments…multiple chances at making the big bucks.

Event 24: Just Getting Started

$200 Buy-In Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry) $50K Guaranteed
Level 1: 25/ 50

We’ve got 132 grinders and growing in today’s $200 Buy-In $50K guaranteed tournament. It’s your last chance to get your hands on some decent moolah here at the SHRPO, as this is the last event of this year’s SHRPO series.

$200 gets you 15K in chips, 30 minute levels, and you can sign up until the start of Level 7. We’re just getting warmed up down here in the ballroom. Come on down and get your SHRPO trophy!