Calderaro Cracks Aces to Triples Up

James Calderaro Day 1A

Blinds: 75/150
Ante: 25

With James Calderaro all in for about 8,000 and another player all in for less, Lily Kiletto tanked for a bit before she called with a covering stack holding Jh Js. She was racing with Calderaro’s Ah Kd, but both were in bad shape against the third player’s Ac As.

The flop fell Kc Qc 9d, giving Calderaro some hope with a pair of kings and giving Kiletto a straight draw. The 9s turn changed nothing, but the Kh river fell to give Calderaro a full house to win the pot and triple up. Calderaro and Kiletto (who happen to be dating), got a good laugh from the outcome of the hand.

James Calderaro – 21,000
Lily Kiletto – 17,000

Kiletto Can’t Call

Level 7
Blinds: 250/500
Ante: 50

Lily Kiletto opened to 1,500 in early position. Three players called to see a KdQd9h flop where Kiletto continued for 3,400. The player in middle position folded, the player in the cutoff raised to 10,000, and the big blind check-folded. Kiletto called after a few moments, landing the Qs on the turn. A check from Kiletto led to her opponent shoving for 18,150. Kiletto went deep into the tank, eventually having the clock called after about three minutes. In the end, she opted to let the time run out and her hand was dead.

Lily Kiletto – 35,000 (70 bb)