Lipman Takes One Out

Blinds: 600/1,200
Ante: 100

After two players in early position limped in, Michael Lipman raised to 6,000 from middle position. The player in the hijack called, the UTG+1 player folded, and the UTG+2 player called to see a KhQh3d flop.

A check from the player in early position led to a bet of 20,000 from Lipman. The player in the hijack folded after about 60 seconds in the tank, leading to the early-position player raising all in for about 50,000. Lipman called with 3s3h for bottom set, ahead of his opponent’s Kc3c for two pair.

The 5d turn and 7d river were safe for Lipman, upping his stack to roughly 270,000 and increasing his lead on the field.