Event 6: Pasquale Caiazza Tops Final 47 From Day 1F

Flight 1F came to an end with 47 survivors remaining from the 376 who started at 7:00 pm. Here’s a look at the top five players who finished from this flight:

1.  Pasquale Caiazza  –  192,500  (64 bb)
2.  Taylor Moore  –  166,400  (55 bb)
3.  John Holley  –  150,900  (50 bb)
4.  Michael Johnson  –  150,000  (50 bb)
5.  Gabriel Ramos  –  144,200  (48 bb)

A full summary of the day will be posted soon.

Event 6, Day 1F: Pasquale Caiazza Has Nearly Lapped the Field

There were 375 players who started the 7:00 pm Day 1F of Event 6 ($125 No-Limit Hold’em w/ $150K Guarantee), and as they return from the last break of the day, there are 59 players remaining.

The average chip stack is about 63,500, which is worth 31 big blinds.

Normally, during the last break of a starting flight, we’ll scan the field for chip stacks above 120,000 to find the leaderboard. But tonight, in Flight 1F, there was only one player above that mark — Pasquale Caiazza.

Caiazza has 209,000, nearly twice as much as the next closest stack, which belongs to Steven Moreno (119,000).

1.  Pasquale Caiazza  –  209,000  (104 bb)
2.  Steven Moreno  –  119,000  (59 bb)

Nobody else in the field has much over 100,000, but that will certainly change as they play one more hour before bagging-and-tagging their chips for the night.