Ultimate Re-Entry: Down to 34 Players; Rincon’s Great Fold Turned Horrible

$360 Ultimate Re-Entry
$500,000 Guaranteed | Payouts
Level 24: 20,000/40,000 with a 40,000 ante
Players Remaining: 34 of 4,508

Michael Ortiz
Michael Ortiz

Michael Ortiz raised under the gun to 100,000, Joseph Tumminelli reraised from middle position to 375,000, and Ortiz thought for a while before he called.

The flop came AsQd10d, Ortiz checked, Tumminelli moved all in for 330,000, and Ortiz tanked for a while before he called with KhQh for a pair of queens with a gutshot straight draw.

Tumminelli turned over 6s6c, and he’d need to catch a six to stay alive.

The turn card was the Ac, the river card was the Ks, and Ortiz won the pot with two pair, aces and kings, to eliminate Tumminelli in 41st place.

Michael Ortiz  –  3,500,000  (88 bb)
Joseph Tumminelli, Jr.  –  Eliminated in 41st Place  ($1,400)

A few moments later at a different table, Alejandro Funes was eliminated in 40th place by Michael Duek.

Michael Duek  –  2,350,000  (59 bb)
Alejandro Funes  –  Eliminated in 40th Place  ($1,400)

Danny Kasper was all in from the button for 890,000 with QsQc, and he needed his hand to hold to stay alive against the hijack’s AdKs.

The board came 7d3h2c7s10h, and the pocket queens held up for Kasper to win the pot and double up in chips.

Danny Kasper  –  1,880,000  (47 bb)

Scott Baumstein raised under the gun to 80,000, Sheldon Gross moved all in from the cutoff for 195,000, and the big blind moved all in over the top for about 1.15 million. Baumstein tanked for a while before he folded.

Gross turned over AcQs, but he was dominating and facing elimination against the big blind’s AhKh.

The board came 10h7h2cKdJc, and Gross rivered an ace-high straight to win the pot and double up in chips.

Sheldon Gross  –  525,000  (13 bb)

Erik Christensen was eliminated moments later when his Qx9x failed to catch up to Angel Bracho’s AxQx.

Angel Bracho  –  2,440,000  (61 bb)
Erik Christensen  –  Eliminated in 37th Place  ($1,400)

Mathieu Gaudette moved all in from middle position for 250,000, Daniel Couzens moved all in over the top from the button for 980,000, and William Rincon tanked for a long time in the big blind before folding 10h10d face up.

Gaudette turned over 7s7h, and he needed to improve to stay alive against the JsJc of Couzens.

When he saw the pocket jacks, Rincon clapped his hands together and shouted, “What a great fold!”

The board came Qd6d4d6s10c, and the pocket jacks held up for Couzens to win the pot, eliminating Gaudette in 36th place.

When Rincon saw the ten on the river, which would have given him the pot and eliminated two players, he shouted, “Holy shit, what a horrible fold!”

Daniel Couzens  –  1,450,000  (36 bb)
William Rincon  –  1,500,000  (38 bb)
Mathieu Gaudette  –  Eliminated in 36th Place  ($2,031)

Recent Eliminations:

43rd:  Bret Grebow  –  $1,400
42nd:  Mohamed Musa  –  $1,400
41st:  Joseph Tumminelli, Jr.  –  $1,400
40th:  Alejandro Funes  –  $1,400
39th:  Michael Johnson  –  $1,400
38th:  John Miller  –  $1,400
37th:  Erik Christensen  –  $1,400

36th:  Mathieu Gaudette  –  $2,031
35th:  Lee Thibodaux  –  $2,031