Ultimate Re-Entry: Jeffrey Colpitts – 4th Place ($63,359)

$360 Ultimate Re-Entry
$500,000 Guaranteed | Payouts
Level 33: 200,000/400,000 with a 400,000 ante
Players Remaining: 3 of 4,508

Jeffrey Colpitts
Jeffrey Colpitts

In the hand after Richard Carr was eliminated in fifth place, there was no small blind. Jeffrey Colpitts moved all in from the hijack for 4,300,000, and Michael Newman called from the big blind with AdKh.

Colpitts turned over AsQd, and he needed to improve to stay alive.

The board came KdJc3dJs9d — Colpitts flopped a gutshot straight draw, but improved no further. Newman won the pot with two pair, kings and jacks, to eliminate Colpitts in fourth place.

Michael Newman  –  24,000,000  (60 bb)
Jeffrey Colpitts  –  Eliminated in 4th Place  ($63,359)