WPT TOC: Altman Ousted

WPT Tournament of Champions
Level 2: 100/200 with a 25 ante
Total Players: 63

Ralph Notaro02112015LHPO Winner106 Brian Altman Champion
Brian Altman, 2015 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open Champion

We added a few more players over the first level but we also lost our first. Brian Altman earned his seat in the WPT Tournament of Champions when he won our WPT championship here during the 2015 Seminole Hard Rock Lucky Hearts Poker Open but he’ll have to look to next season for his second.

Altman lost nearly 90% of his chips to Noah Schwartz when his rivered flush was no good against the rivered boat of Schwartz. The rest of them went to Shawn Cunix to send Altman out.

On top of being the first one eliminated, Altman had to stand in front of the WPT cameras and talk about it.