Championship: AJ Gambino Doubles Through Tanner Millen

$3,500 WPT Showdown Championship
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 25: 15,000/30,000 with 5,000 ante
Players Remaining: 15 of 1,309

AJ Gambino

Tanner Millen raises to 55,000 from the cutoff and AJ Gambino moved all in out of the big blind for 530,000. Millen called.

Millen was dominated with his AhJd against Gambino’s AdQd.

The board ran out 9h4d3dAcAs and Gambino doubled up with trip aces and a bigger kicker.

AJ Gambino – 1,110,000
Tanner MIllen – 2,800,000