Championship: Andrew Moreno Eliminated in 11th Place by Sergio Aido

$5,300 SHRPO Championship (Re-Entry)
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure | Payouts
Level 27:  50,000/100,000 with a 100,000 ante
Players Remaining:  10 of 1,110

Andrew Moreno
Andrew Moreno

Andrew Moreno called all in under the gun for 25,000, Mike Liang completed the small blind for 100,000, and Sergio Aido raised from the big blind to 325,000. Liang called.

The flop came Ad8d8h, Liang checked, Aido bet 150,000, and Liang folded. Aido took the side pot worth 600,000.

For the main pot, Moreno showed Jc7s, but he’d need to catch something runner-runner to stay alive against Aido’s Ah5s (two pair, aces and eights).

The turn card was the 2s, the river card was the 4h, and Aido won the pot with his two pair to eliminate Moreno in 11th place.

Sergio Aido  –  3,250,000  (33 bb)
Andrew Moreno  –  Eliminated in 11th Place  ($69,900)

With 10 players remaining from a field of 1,110, the average chip stack is around 4,425,000 (44 big blinds). The remaining players are guaranteed at least $90,650 each.

Action will continue today until there are seven players remaining for tomorrow afternoon’s live-streamed final table, scheduled to begin at 1:00 pm.