Championship: Chanracy Doubles Through Brian Altman

$3,500 WPT Lucky Hearts Poker Open Championship
$2,000,000 Guaranteed | Payouts | Live Stream
Level 31:  75,000/150,000 with a 150,000 ante
Players Remaining:  3 of 843

Chanracy Khun

John Dollinger limped the button and Chanracy Khun shoved for 3,025,000 from the small blind. Dollinger mucked his hand out of turn before Altman called in the big blind.

Khun: Ac9c
Altman: KsQd

Khun’s suited ace was in the lead and the Tc7s2h9d6h runout gave him another double.

After the hand, Dollinger was issued an orbit penalty for folding out of turn.

Chanracy Khun – 6,600,000 (44 bb)
Brian Altman – 12,200,000 (81 bb)