Championship Day 1A: Steve Buckner Wins One Uncontested

$5,300 SHRPO Championship (Re-Entry)
$3,000,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 2:  200/300 with a 300 ante
Day 1A Entries:  238

Steve Buckner

UTG raised to 800 preflop, and both the cutoff and button called before Steve Buckner raised to 2,600 from the big blind. The original raiser folded, but the cutoff and button come along for the ride.

The flop was dealt Qc7d2d, and Buckner bet 3,300. Both remaining opponents folded, and Buckner stacked up 54,000 after collecting the pot. After the hand Buckner told the table, “No fold’em hold’em, that’s the name of the game.”