Championship Day 3: Travell Thomas Eliminated by Brannon Sawyer

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Championship (Freeze-Out)
Level 23: 15,000/30,000/5,000 Ante

Travell Thomas
Travell Thomas

Travell Thomas was all in from the hijack for about 380,000 with 9s9c, and he needed his hand to hold to stay alive against the AdKc of Brannon Sawyer in the small blind.

The board came 7d4d3d6d2s — Sawyer turned an ace-high flush, but there was a still a miracle out for Thomas if the river card completed the straight flush on the board. It did not, and Thomas was eliminated in 22nd place.

Brannon Sawyer  –  950,000  (32 bb)
Travell Thomas  –  Eliminated in 22nd Place  ($30,000)