Championship Hand #195: Omar Zazay Doubles Thru Brian Phillis

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Championship (Freeze-Out)
Level 31: 100,000/200,000/25,000 Ante

Omar Zazay
Omar Zazay

Hand #195  –  Brian Phillis raises to 500,000 with KsKc, and Omar Zazay calls with 8c7d.

The flop comes 10h8h8d, Zazay checks, Phillis bets 500,000, and Zazay check-raises to 1,200,000. Phillis moves all in for about 5.3 million, and Zazay calls all in for 5,575,000 with 8c7d for trip eights.

Phillis turns over his KsKc, and Zazay needs his hand to hold to stay alive.

The turn card is the 10d, the river is the Jh, and Zazay wins the pot with a full house, eights full of tens, to double up in chips.

Omar Zazay – 11,650,000  (58 bb)
Brian Phillis – 15,550,000  (78 bb)