Championship Hands #99-100: Randy Pfeifer Out in 5th Place

Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open Championship (Freeze-Out)
Level 29: 60,000/120,000/20,000 Ante

Hand #99  –  Brian Phillis raises from the button to 260,000 with Jd-X, and Larry Moccia calls from the big blind with 4h3h.

The flop comes 9d8d8h, Moccia checks, Phillis bets, and Moccia folds. Phillis takes the pot.

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Randy Pfeifer
Randy Pfeifer

Hand #100  –  Omar Zazay raises under the gun to 265,000 with AcKd, Randy Pfeifer moves all in from the button for 2,080,000 with AdQd, and Zazay calls. Pfeifer needs to improve to stay alive.

The board comes 9c4d2h6hJd, and Zazay wins the pot with his king kicker to eliminate Pfeifer in fifth place.

Seat 1.  Randy Pfeifer  –  Eliminated in 5th Place ($180,000)
Seat 2.  Larry Moccia  –  4,340,000
Seat 6.  Dan Colman  –  7,870,000
Seat 7.  Omar Zazay  –  8,305,000
Seat 9.  Brian Phillis  –  6,755,000