Championship: Mukul Doubles through Afriat

$3,500 WPT Seminole Hard Rock Poker Showdown Championship Event
Blinds 150k/300k/50k ante

On a board of Qc5c4h Vinny Pahuja check-raises the flop for 2.5 million and Eric Afriat calls.

Turn: 2d

Pahuja bets 3.2 million and Afriat calls.

River: 9d

Pahuja moves all in for 4.6 million and Afriat tank-calls.

Pahuja turns over KcQd for the winning pair of Queens as Afriat mucks.

Pahuja wins a 20+M chip pot and is in a virtually tie with James Mackey for the chip lead.

Final Three Chip Counts

Pahuja 22.5M (75 bb)
Mackey 22.5M (75 bb)
Eric Afriat 8.6M (29 bb)