Colbert Silva Wins Holiday Deep Stack After Four-Way Deal

2022 May Deep Stack Poker Series
Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
Hollywood, Florida
Event 8
$250 Holiday Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$30,000 Guaranteed
Entries:  310
Prize Pool:  $65,100
May 30, 2022

Colbert Silva

We closed out the May Deep Stack Poker Series with two new tournaments on Monday starting with the Holiday Deep Stack in the morning. The tournament drew a huge crowd of 310 entries and Colbert Silva took the top spot along with $10,249 after a four-way deal.

The turnout more than doubled the $30,000 guarantee and created a prize pool worth $65,100. A great way to close out the series.


1Colbert Silva$10,249 *
2Akramzhan Iminov$10,086 *
3William Fife$7,887 *
4Roni Zelichonok$5,928 *
5Mark Nimirovsky$3,125
6Yigal Hen$2,585
7Ivan Ruban$2,170
8Dov Vogel$1,785
9Dante Rouze$1,425
10Alain Candales Falcon$1,425
11Roy Young$1,200
12Jose Aponte$1,200
13Ducarmel Beaubein$1,020
14Nancy Birnbaum$1,020
15Diego Manuel Martinez$1,020
16Jancer Gomez$850
17Hugh Wright$850
18Garrett Fleetwood$850
19Philip Whitaker$700
20Ernesto Gomez Galvez$700
21Victor Haynes$700
22Julian Wohlgemuth$575
23Dave Digiovanni$575
24Eliyahu Friedman$575
25Joseph Teixeria$500
26Nancy Thomas$500
27Jorge Cuesta$500
28Michael Mendez$425
29Jonathan Lasko$425
30Robert Cohen$425
31James Bernard$425
32Bradford Corner$425
33Karin Powsner-Crespi$425
34John Nugent Iii$425
35Omar Sader$425

* – denotes results of a four-way deal