Event 1: 13th Place – Rex Clinkscales

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 31:  Blinds 60k/120k/20k ante

Rex Clinkscales - 13th Place
Rex Clinkscales – 13th Place

David Smith opened for 300k, Rex Clinkscales raised to 650k, and David flatted.

The flop came QhJhTx and there was a bet and call.  All the chips went in on the turn, which was a 5x.  Rex had Kh6h for flush draw and open-ended straight draw.  David was ahead with pocket Tens for a set, but Rex had a lot of outs.

River was a 4x and not one of those outs.  Rex was felted in 13th place, earning $5,828.  David chipped up to ~10 million.