Event 1: 6th Place – Ryan Miller

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 35: Blinds 200k/400k/50k ante

Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller

In a battle of the blinds, Benjamin Garcia (sb) got all-in for 3.125 million with action from Ryan Miller in the big.  Benjamin’s AsQd looked good for the double against Ryan’s KhTc.

The board came all bricks and Benjamin doubled up with Ace-high.  Ryan dropped to ~3 million.

Soon after, Ryan was all-in for 2.725 million holding T9 off and was in trouble against Ory Hen’s AK off.  The board came A 2 2 4 7 and Ory took the pot.

Ryan Miller (Davie, FL) busted out in 6th place, earning $27,170.