Event 1: Ayoub Takes Lead

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 12:  800/1,600/200 ante

During the previous level:

Three players check the turn with a board showing Kh7s5s9c.  The dealer delivers the Qs on the river, making a flush possible.  Seat 4 checked, seat 6 checked, then Hany Ayoub (cutoff) fired 12k.

Hany Ayoub

After some thought, seat 4 called and seat 6 folded.  “You got the flush?” asked seat 4.  “No,” replied Ayoub, as he rolled over 9s9h for a set.  Seat 4 mucked and the Miami businessman raked the pot.

He’s now up to ~200k and leading Flight B with four levels left to play.

The chip leader at the end of each starting flight earns a $500 bonus, so this is when the battle for the bonus begins in earnest.