Event 1 Day 1A: First Break

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 4: 100/200

Players are on their first break of the day with 257 entrants showing on the tournament clock. Players still have nearly 90 minutes to get down to the ballroom to enter today’s flight or come over for the 6pm flight.

Before they went on break, Eric Brewster found a way to send two more out the door. He was sitting in a great spot with QcJc after the Td9c8c board. It turned into a three-way all-in hand after the 4h turn against top two Ts9s and the same flopped straight QsJh.

Brewster was freerolling any club to scoop, which he found on the 2c river to KO two players and move over 60,000.

We’ll return with the first round of notable counts and track down our leader.

Double KO 1A