Event 1 Day 1C: Bad Draw and Good Reads

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

The field crossed over 100 entrants shortly after the start of Level 2 and the action has not been as passive as 24 hours ago. Table 36 once again produced another big pot and this time the losing player did not opt to re-enter.

We caught the action after the flop when the 8-seat called all-in with AsQs and flush draw on the 7s6h5s board. The 7-seat was probably feeling good with Ts8s for the open ended straight and flush draws until he realized he was drawing thin. The Ks turn ended the hand quickly and he left the room muttering.

Not every big hand during the level ended with a knockout but Table 30 did create some noise. The table is up against the railing of the second floor so most could hear the 6-seat asking the 8-seat repeatedly, “do you have the best hand or just think you have the best hand?” when faced with a raise. The 8-seat stayed stoic in the face of his opponent trying to get a read. We were there in time to see the 6-seat finally call with Ac3c flopped two pair which was good against the smaller, rivered two pair with KhJc. The hand did not send anyone to the rail but it increased the entertainment.

Players are now on Level 3 with blinds at 75/150.