Event 1 Day 1C: Sets Over Sets

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

The deep stack structure of the Event 1 gives players 200 big blinds at the start of play and it usually takes a pretty big hand to get them all in the middle early. Table 36 found one of the few situations where it can happen.

Seats 2 raised the action preflop and called a three-bet from seat 6. Fireworks lit off after a check-raise on the 8h4c2s flop before all the chips ended up in the middle. Seat 2 made his way to the cage to re-enter when his flopped set with 4h4d was dominated by a bigger set of Eights 8c8s. It was the second instance of a player losing to set over set in the first level.

Day 1C is outpacing the field from Day 1A as the number of entrants is close to 100 at the end of the first level. Players are onto Level 2 and blinds are up to 50/100.