Event 1 Day 1E: Luis Barredo Doubles Up, Bubble Bursts Next Hand

$360 Ultimate Re-Entry No Limit Hold’em
$500,000 Guaranteed | Structure
Level 16: 4,000/8,0000 with a 1,000 ante
Players Remaining: 43 of 428

On a flop of 9h7h4s, Luis Barredo got all in for 96,000 out of the small blind against the player in the big blind.

Barredo tabled As7c and needed help against the big blind’s Js9s.

The turn was the Js, improving the big blind to two pair, but the river was the Ad and Barredo doubled up on the bubble, leaving the big blind with just a couple big blinds.

The big blind was eliminated the next hand when he went all in out of the small blind with Qh4s and couldn’t improve against the big blind’s 3h3s.

With 42 players remaining, play is complete for Day 1E of the ultimate re-entry.

Luis Barredo – 220,000