Event 1 Day 1F: Are There Rebuys?

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Blinds 100/200

With only 3K in chips left, 5K in chips in the pot, and facing an all in bet from his opponent, a player looked at the dealer and asked him “are there rebuys?” The dealer nodded his head affirmatively. “Well in that case, I call,” said the short stack, turning over 8H7H on a 5H7C9DKS board. His opponent held ADKD and was able to felt the short stack when a harmless 2S fell on the river. “I’ll be back,” joked the felted player.

And it’s that kind of gambling behavior that is leading to the biggest number of entrants we’ve had thus far in Event 1 here at Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ‘n’ Roll Poker Open”. We’re already over 250 entrants and there is a line at least 20 deep looking to get into the tournament. There are 25 minutes left so there is a good chance we might approach 300 before all is said and done.