Event 1 Day 1G: Slowrollin’ the Set

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Slow-rolling a big hand at the table can cause a lot of friction among players but a kindly older gentleman at Table 35 isn’t being needled to hard. The 5-seat moved all-in for 8,400 with Jc 4d on the Jd 8h 3c flop and our hero in the 1-seat called while chatting with the 9-seat about how his Jack (9-seat mentioned he folded a big Jack pre-flop) would have knocked out the 5-seat.

All the while he was still holding his cards until the dealer prompted him to show. “Oh, I have the 8’s” he said when he realized he flopped a set. The 5-seat took the slow-roll with grace and took the long walk downstairs.

“What time does this end?” we were asked at another table. He was happy when informed the day would be done by 6:30pm. “I have tickets for Craig Ferguson tonight”. The great complex here at Seminole Paradise is featuring the Scottish-born comedian tonight at the Hard Rock Live.

Level 11 is underway with blinds at 600/1.2k/200 ante with 81 players remaining and average stack of just over 49,000.