Event 1 Day 1G: Waiting for My Closeup

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

“Can I get my picture taken yet?”, Michael Glick asked as he moved his chipstack up to 95,000 when his set of 9’s dodged the flush draw of Michael Frascoia. Glick has an ongoing chirping battle with Frascoia over the last few levels as the two trade pleasant barbs from the 1-seat and 9-seat.

Frascoia had the last laugh for a small pot by overbetting all-in on a ten high flop to make Glick fold his top pair. “Show me you could beat the ten!” Glick prompted Fascoia, to which he responded by rolling over one Jack.

Only 63 players remain of the starting 397 entrants as they head off on their final break of the day trying to join the 152 who advanced from the previous flights. Two more levels before bagging and tagging chips.

Michael Glick photo time
Michael Glick photo time