Event 1 Day 2: Crawling to the Money

$100 + $25 No Limit Hold’Em Deep Stack

Less than 150 players remain in Event 1 and the short stacks have clamped down on their starting hand range trying to make at least a min-cash. It takes a big hand to put a lot of chips at risk and Table 41 showed down a big one.

Kamini McKoy opened from middle position before Dan Losey came over the top all-in. He was called by Martin Canero on the button before Willie Wiggins pushed put in his 87,000, he was also called for a big three-way pot. Losey was ahead with Ad Ac versus Ks Kh of Wiggins and Jd Jc of Canero.

Three top hands saw the harmless Qs 2s 2d flop but Wiggins picked up a flush draw on the 9s turn. “Who has a spade?” asked the 9-seat before Wiggins spiked his other option for the win with the river Kc for a near triple up. The hand knocked out Losey and left Canero with just over 100,000.

Level 18 is underway with blinds at 3k/6k/500 ante and 144 remaining.

Kings crack Aces
Kings crack Aces