Event 1: Late Double-Up For Carwash

$350 Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)

Level 15:  1,500/2,500/500 ante

After a limp and a raise, Robert ‘Carwash’ Williams called from the cutoff, only to have the small blind in seat 8 shove for ~85k.  The limper and raiser folded, then Carwash shoved his last 38,500 into the pot.

Seat 8: [7s7h]

Carwash: [6d3d]

Board: 8s2d2s5d9d

Carwash back-doored a flush to come from behind and more than double up.  He chipped up to about 110k.

The last few hands are playing out now and then they will bag & tag the chips for the night.