Event 10 Day 1B: Final Numbers

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

232 players took part in Event 10 Day 1B and 44 made it through to live another day. The Day 1B chip leader was Russell Dohan with 322,300 in chips. He’s second overall thus far behind overall chip leader Marvin Young who has 488,000 in chips. Overall we’ve had 401 entrants thus far with 70 players that will be returning on Sunday. The current top 10 in chips is as follows:

1Marvin Young488,000
2Russell Dohan322,300
3Debra Dorcy311,400
4Nigel Murray240,000
5Nagui Yassa206,000
6Julio Acosta202,800
7Ariel Rosello193,400
8Dwayne Barclay193,100
9Oktay Altinbas190,000
10Warren Jurkowitz178,500