Event 10 Day 1C: Tricky, Tricky

$300 + $50 No Limit Hold’em Deep Stack

Blinds 500/1K Ante 100

There was a limper for 1K and the player in Seat 7 made it 3.2K to go. Seat 2 was on the button and made it 9K to go. The original limper folded and Seat 7 made the call. The flop came Kd5h3s and Seat 7 checked. He had 19.1K behind. Seat 2 said “I’m all in” and Seat 7 couldn’t beat him into the pot any faster as he had pocket Kings. Seat 2 could only shake his head as he turned over Queens and acknowledged his opponents tricky play by saying “nice play”.

Aces were all in at two separate tables. At the first one, they held up against 7-6 suited on a 9-6-2-8 board when the river was another 2. The other pair of Aces was not as fortunate as they got it all on a Q-T-2-J board and were behind the Q-J his opponent held. An ace, ten, or two would have saved him but it was a 6 and the two pair was good enough to eliminate the player with Aces.

There are 72 players remaining as we approach the end of Level 10.