Event 10: Faith Klimzack Eliminated in 3rd Place ($2,067)

$250 Buy-In H.O.R.S.E.
Level 21: 10000/20000 Limits

A up and down ride all down long for Faith Klimzack comes to a close playing Stud in Level 21.

Klimzack had fought back brilliantly today after being short stacked twice with some spectacular hands on this final table but an rough late run ended her day at the hands of Nancy Cope.

With Klimzack showing 8d8c2dKd and Cope with Qc9hAdJc, Klimzack checked 7th street with her last bet behind her and Cope made the bet putting her all in.  Klimzack called flipping A-5-5 for two pair but Cope hit a river card and showed A-Q-3 for a higher two pair to eliminate Klimzach.

Klimzach will receive $2,067 for her efforts today.

Faith Klimzack

Faith Klimzack (Moore, SC) – $2,067