Event 8: Hot Streak

$560 Buy-In Deep Stack No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
Level 21: 6K/12K/2K ante

On a board of QsJd7dJhJs, Byung Yoo (Norwood, NJ) announces he’s all-in. Rob Lebeau (Tampa, FL) makes the snap call for his last 253K and turns over KdJh for quad Jacks. Yoo turns over his KsKc in exasperation as his Jacks full of Kings loses to the superior four of a kind.

On the very next hand, Yoo shoves a short stack into the middle, inducing a call from the player in the small blind. Lebeau then re-shoves from the big blind, putting himself at risk of elimination as well. The small blind eventually makes the call, and the cards are tabled:

Yoo: JsQc
Small Blind: Ah6h
Lebeau: As10d

The flop is kind to Lebeau as it comes 3c10c8s. The turn and river are 5h8c and Lebeau’s two pair of 10s and 8s wins the pot, knocking out Yoo and crippling the player in the small blind. Lebeau now has around 420K in his stack.

Also at the table is Robert Chow (Schaumberg, IL) who final tabled the Event 9 Seniors Event in 2nd place. He is cruising along with about 630K.