Event 10 Recap

2015 Seminole Hard Rock “Rock ’n’ Roll Poker Open”
$1,650 Purple Chip Bounty No Limit Hold’em (Re-Entry)
$100,000 Guarantee

November 29th-30th, 2015

Total Entries:  162
Total Prizepool:  $162,200

Event 10 Champion Andreas Ioakimides
Event 10 Champion
Andreas Ioakimides


Ladies and gentlemen, we give you a true “Chip and a Chair” story. Well, maybe two.  Either way, a stunning comeback from 200 chips left lead to Andreas Ioakimides to taking down the Seminole Hard Rock “Rock n’ Roll Poker Open” Event 10 title.

With the blinds at 300/600 with a 75 ante, Ioakimides had just 200 chips remaining before paying the ante.  And double-up after double-up brought him back from elimination to carrying the chip lead into the Event 10 final table.

This tournament was a stark contrast from many of the $1,650 buy-ins in the past with the action moving quickly.  Shortly after the final table began, Sebastian Kos eliminated Lavann Williams to pick up the first elimination of the final table.  Eugene Curzio was next to go after having his tens run into Richard Rice’s aces finishing him off in 9th place.

The fairly brisk eliminations continued as Joe Kuether then fell victim to Sebastian Kos going out in 8th place.  After having his aces cracked earlier on the final table, Daren Stabinski fell victim to Haim Toorgeman in 7th place and then Gerald Aiello’s short stack was taken away knocking him out in 6th place.  In the meantime, Andreas Ioakimides continued to build his lead with Haim Toorgeman not far behind.

Sebastian Kos managed to get the critical elimination of the final table finally picking off Paul Stanechewski in 5th place and leaving the final four players deep in chips and willing to discuss a chop.  A deal was made and Andreas Ioakimides was crowned the Event 10 Champion.

Ioakimides discussed the incredible comeback and his play at the final table.  “I had basically been down to one chip after the ante.  I thought I was out.  I don’t what I’m doing here with 200 chips.  I got lucky a couple times and decided to stick around.  On the final table I wasn’t playing too aggressive.  I was trying to pick up my spots but I wasn’t getting too crazy.”

He was thrilled with the win and expressed how much he enjoyed playing at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.  “It’s my first time winning one here and my first time here actually.  I love the place.  The tournaments are unbelievable and the people are great.  It’s a great tournament.”

Congratulations to our Event 10 Champion – Andreas Ioakimides!

1st: Andreas Ioakimides (Ballwin, MO) – $29,127
2nd: Sebastian Kos (Hlink Okr Breclav, Czech Rebublic) – $28,000
3rd: Haim Toorgeman (Kenner, LA) – $27,653
4th: Richard Rice (Fort Lauderdale, FL) – $18,900
5th: Paul Stanechewski (Tampa, FL) – $9,720
6th: Gerald Aiello (Winchester, MA) – $8,100
7th: Daren Stabinski (Weston, FL) – $6,480
8th: Joe Kuether (Las Vegas, NV) – $4,860
9th: Eugene Curzio (Clifton, VA) – $3,645
10th: Lavann Williams (Buford, GA) – $3,240