Event 12: In The Bag

$2,200 Buy-In Eight Game Mix

Level 10:  Limits 800/1,600

Playing No Limit Hold’em:

Miami John Cernuto got his last chips in holding A6 offsuit against Stephen Wolansky’s pocket Kings.  The board of Q J T 9 J was just a cruel tease and Cernuto hit the rail in 8th place.

Playing Pot Limit Omaha:

On a flop of 7 5 3, Nicholas Kost got his last chips in against John Racener.  Nicholas had AA63 and Racener had flopped two pair and a straight draw with 7543.  The last two were 6 3 giving Racener the straight.  Kost exited in 7th place.

At the end of the level, the final six bagged their chips for the night.  They will return at 3pm Monday for Day 2.  Play will resume with Level 11, Limits 1,000/2,000.  There are six hands of PLO remaining in the 8-game rotation.

John Racener - Chip Leader
John Racener – Chip Leader

November Niner John Racener is the chip leader with over 69,000.  He is best-known for his 2nd place finish in the 2010 WSOP Main Event, earning more than $5.5 million.

Here are the seat assignments and chip counts for Day 2:

Seat  Player  Chips

  1. John Racener 69,400
  2. Daniel Weinman 26,475
  3. Robert Campbell 56,600
  4. Brandon Delnano 12,475
  5. Steven Wolansky 56,950
  6. John Thrower 48,100


1: $23,400
2: $12,600