Event 14: 10th Place – Henry Chow

$250 Pot-Limit Omaha (Re-Entry)

Level 17 :  Blinds 2,500/5,000

Henry Chow - 10th Place
Henry Chow – 10th Place

Matt Zarcadoolas got all-in pre-flop against Henry Chow and the hands were tabled:

Matt: AhAcJd6h
Henry: KsKd7d4c

Board: Jh3h3d7cQh

Matt made a flush to double up, leaving Henry short.  He got his chips in a few hands later holding QQ82 against Scott Jaffa’s QJ98.  The board rolled out T 6 2 A K giving Scott back-door Broadway to take the last of Henry’s chips.

Henry Chow finished in 10th place, earning $507.