Event 14: Allan Bieler Wins Title ($7,163), Mallia, Bertholdo And Williams Finish 2-3-4

$350 Big Stack No Limit Hold’em (FREEZE-OUT)
Level 24: Blinds 12,000/24,000/4,000 ante

After a few chips swings and a lot of tough poker, it’s all over in Event 14.  The players agreed to a chop leaving Allan Bieler as the champion.

Paulo Bertholdo had surged up the chip counts but fell back down enough to convince the players it was time call it quits at nearly the same spots they were in at the last chop discussion a few hours ago.

With the chop, Bieler wins $7,163 and the championship.  Vincent Mallia comes in second for $6,163, Paulo Bertholdo takes third for $5,163 and Robert “Car Wash” Williams settles for fourth and $5,163.

Congratulations to everyone left standing and to our Event 14 Champion, Allan Bieler!

Allen Bieler - Event 14 Champoin (7,163)
Allan Bieler – Event 14 Champoin (7,163)
Vincent Mallia - 2nd Place ($6,163)
Vincent Mallia – 2nd Place ($6,163)
Paulo Bertholdo - 3rd Place ($5,163)
Paulo Bertholdo – 3rd Place ($5,163)
Robert Williams - 4th Place ($5,163)
Robert Williams – 4th Place ($5,163)