Event 14 Recap

Seminole Hard Rock “Rock N’ Roll” Poker Open
Event 14: $350 Big Stack No Limit Hold’em (Freezeout)

November 25, 2014

Allan Bieler - Event 14 Champion (7,163)
Allan Bieler – Event 14 Champoin (7,163)






It was a story of surges and some heated discussions but through all of it, Allan Bieler kept his cool and walked away with the Event 14 championship.

Bieler fought his way back from being short stacked with four tables left to easing his way to the chip lead and never let go once he got on top.

Eliminations came in bunches as after a slow run, 14th-18th places all came though quickly and then 9th-12th places also followed suit leaving the final table eight handed for what must have seemed like an eternity to the players.  Vincent Mallia pulled a rabbit out of the hat cracking Jorge Gomez’s straight taking out one of the short stacks leaving himself, Bieler and Robert “Car Wash” Williams controlling most of the chips at the table.

Then suddenly four players busted out in a matter of six hands leaving Bieler, Mallia, Williams and Brazilian Paulo Bertholdo to duke it out.  Bertholdo managed to get back into contention but he and Williams controlled only one-third of the chips in play.  Bieler and Mallia held the other two-thirds and were in a commanding position.

But after a heated chop discussion brought no resolution and play continued for another few levels, Bertholdo had actually built his stack up to what appeared to be a small lead but relinquished it right back putting the four players nearly right where they’d left off before.

Finally, the players came an agreement to end it and Bieler found himself the chip leader and declared the champion.

“I’d actually taken two months off playing because I’d been running so badly.  Then I played a couple of events here and didn’t cash in those either.  The only reason I played this was because it was a freezeout.  I was just trying to hang in there.  It took a long time but I played solid and at the end I didn’t want to let the cards jeopardize where I was.  They were all solid players at the this table.”

Bieler hasn’t made a decision on playing the Main Event yet but he’s very happy to have put this title in the books.

Congratulations to our Event 14 Champion, Allan Bieler!

Event 14 Results

1st – Allan Bieler (Sunrise, FL) – $10,691
2nd – Vincent Mallia (Jensen Beach, FL) – $6,059
3rd – Paulo Bertholdo (Curotiva, Brazil) – $5,163
4th – Robert Williams (Miami, FL) – $5,163
5th – Jeff Silverstein (Fort Lauderdale, FL) – $2,106
6th – Joe Budd (Boca Raton, FL) – $1,620
7th – Michael Sinisgalli (Miami, FL) – $1,264
8th – Robert Wiercinski (Los Angeles, CA) – $940
9th – Jorge Gomez (Fort Lauderdale, FL) – $778