Event 16: 5th Place – Tyler Stafman

$2,200 Buy-In Six-Max No Limit Hold’em Freeze-Out

Level 19: Blinds 3k/6k/1k ante

Tyler Stafman - 5th Place
Tyler Stafman – 5th Place

On the last hand of the level:

Corey Burbink opened for 12k, Tyler Stafman called from the button, and John DiBella called from the small blind.

On the flop of JhTc2c John checked, Corey bet 20k, Tyler jammed, John folded, and Corey called.

Corey’s AhJs was ahead of Tyler’s Jc3c but Tyler ha a flush draw.

The last two fell 7s5h and was no help to Tyler.  He hit the rail in 5th place, earning $15,340.

The final four are taking a 15 minute break.