Event 16: Kuether Takes One Down

$2,200 Buy-In Six-Max No Limit Hold’em Freeze-Out

Level 10:  Blinds 400/800/100 ante

29 players remain with an average stack of 61k.

Joe Kuether
Joe Kuether

Joe Kuether opened for 1,700 only to have seat 3 raise to 4,300 from the cutoff.  Joe called.

The flop fell 7h2h2d and Joe checked.  Seat 3 checked behind.

Turn was the 5c and again Joe checked.  Seat 3 bet 5,200 and Joe called.

River was the Ad and Joe checked for a third time.  Seat 3 bet 7,500 and after about a minute, Joe announced he was all-in (20,200).

After getting the count, his opponent tanked, talking it out: “How do I fold Jacks here? You went all that way with an Ace? I don’t know what to do.  Ace Queen of hearts, Ace Ten of hearts, pocket sevens?”

He finally folded, saying “Did I call your hand?”  After getting no response from Joe, who was stacking his chips, he repeated the question.  Joe said “I didn’t hear what you said,” and that’s all.

Joe chipped up to about 50k with that pot.